Welcome to the AG64 Yachts website - the exclusive representative of the PRESTIGE YACHTS in Slovenia.


About Us:

We are a leading Slovenian company with over 15 years of tradition in the sale of various vessels and the exclusive representative of the prestigious global brand, PRESTIGE.

Our Offer:

In our range, you'll find a diverse selection of vessels for every taste, from small excursion boats to luxury yachts. We offer a wide range of new and used PRESTIGE vessels that combine top-notch design, exceptional performance, and enviable comfort at sea. Technological sophistication and a sense of timeless elegance in our products reflect our dedication to providing top-notch nautical experiences for our satisfied customers.

Our Services:

Boat Sales:

With our expertise and dedication, we make the purchase of your dream vessel easier. It doesn't matter if you are buying a used or new boat, our experts will find the right selection for you. We ensure you an invaluable experience and indescribable joys of life at sea in a completely new, unforgettable, and different way.

Boat Purchase or trade-in

Thinking about replacing or just selling your current vessel? We are here for you. We guarantee reliability, competitiveness, and high-quality services.

Service and Maintenance:

In addition to sales and purchase, we also offer vessel servicing and annual maintenance. Our team of experienced colleagues ensures exceptional service quality. Don't hesitate; entrust us with the care of your vessel! We'll make sure it's always in top-notch condition everywhere and anytime.

Our Experts:

At AG64 Yachts, we understand that the key to a satisfied customer is a personal approach. Our representatives are passionate enthusiasts of the nautical world, discovering the stunning world of vessels day by day. Experienced, reliable, and dedicated professionals with years of experience ensure a pleasant experience for individuals, whether in sales, purchase, or service.

Why Collaborate with AG64 Yachts:

  • We are the exclusive representative of PRESTIGE vessels in Slovenia.
  • A leading Slovenian company with over 15 years of tradition in vessel sales.
  • A wide range of new and used vessels.
  • Competitive prices for vessel purchase.
  • Qualified service and annual maintenance.

Join our numerous satisfied customers and discover the stunning world of vessels by combining technological sophistication, timeless elegance, exceptional performance, and enviable comfort. We guarantee the fulfillment of your maritime dreams and an outstanding nautical experience with a PRESTIGE vessel.





  • AG64 d.o.o. 

  •  Adress: Ul. Jožeta Jame 14, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  •  Phone: +386 40 238 204
  •  Email: info@ag64.eu
  • VAT: SI 87545446
  • TRR: SI56 2900 0005 3843 296


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