The New PRESTIGE F5 is Coming

Discover the stunning world of boats at the intersection of maritime elegance and innovation. 

Just like every year, we will gather in the first half of November for the PRESTIGE exclusive days, which will take place from November 9th to 11th at the Les Herbiers shipyard in France.

For the 2024 season, PRESTIGE has introduced an entirely new model, the F4, from the F-LINE series.

PRESTIGE YACHT has unveiled the brand new M8 motor catamaran, redefining luxury and connection with nature. 

Düsseldorf is the city where the winners of the European Powerboat of the Year are announced every year. 

From november 10th through the 12th, prestige exclusive days, a moment for gathering and sharing took place at the heart of the prestige shipyard, located in les herbiers, in the french department of vendée.

Prestige X 70 - a revolutionary architectural design

From 21st to 29th  January 2023


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