PRESTIGE YACHT has unveiled the brand new M8 motor catamaran, redefining luxury and connection with nature. 

PRESTIGE, presented its latest masterpiece, the M8, at the highly anticipated Cannes Yacht Show in 2023 and will also showcase it to a wider audience. With the introduction of the M-Line, PRESTIGE presents a revolutionary vision in the world of motor multihull vessels, aiming to provide an unparalleled experience of connection with nature and oneself.

The M8 represents the pinnacle of PRESTIGE's savoir-faire, combining design, elegance, and meticulous craftsmanship. As the greatest achievement in recent years, the M-Line offers a living space that is unparalleled in its category, redefining the standards of well-being on board. With its multihull configuration, it provides incredible space and comfort, comparable to an 85-meter monohull vessel, meeting the demands of the discerning market for larger models.

Erwin Bamps, Vice President of PRESTIGE, emphasizes that PRESTIGE is the only French-Italian yacht manufacturer in the world, combining French expertise in serial production with Italian heritage in the construction of large yachts. The M8 represents a new perception of boating, promising fluidity, gentleness, and relaxation, creating unforgettable emotions on the water. Its twin hulls ensure natural stability and exceptional navigability, enhancing the overall boating experience. One of the key features of the M8 is its commitment to environmental awareness. The dual-hull design reduces fuel consumption, making it a more environmentally friendly choice without sacrificing luxury or performance. The M8 enables owners to live in perfect harmony with the sea, enjoying smooth and relaxing cruises while respecting the environment.

Step on board the M8 and discover a spacious, refined, and bright environment that promotes a deep connection with nature and personal well-being. The yacht invites passengers to explore new horizons, rediscover themselves, and strengthen their bonds with loved ones, all embraced by the Art de Vivre, the essence of the PRESTIGE experience. The grand unveiling of the new M8 catamaran will take place at the Cannes Boat Show from September 12th to 17th, 2023. The M8 is sure to captivate yacht enthusiasts and industry professionals. PRESTIGE's dedication to luxury, refinement, and the art of living well is ready to set new milestones in the world of motor multihull vessels. Prepare for a journey that brings ultimate freedom, relaxation, and unforgettable moments on the water with the M8, crafted by PRESTIGE.

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